Show prospective sellers you have one of the most powerful Real Estate Marketing programs available. The LUXVT Marketing Presentation gives you the competitive edge to sign and sell more high-end listings. 

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How will you stack up when you’re competing for your next big listing?

The LUXVT Marketing Presentation is a 16 page branded multimedia portfolio that demonstrates you offer the very best in Luxury Home Marketing.  Designed for effortless use on web, email, mobile and even print, it’s the perfect “secret weapon” for signing more affluent sellers and high-dollar listings.

Show prospective sellers a 
world-class marketing program.

  • Stand Out From The Competition
  • Demonstrate International Marketing Power
  • Boost Your Brand Image
  • Engage & Impress Affluent Sellers
  • Sign & Sell More High End Listings
  • Are you demonstrating global marketing expected by today's affluent homeowners?
  • Are you attracting luxury buyers with targeted advertising?
  • Do you provide exposure to Real Estate investors around the world?
  • Are you proving that you’re tech savvy and a social media pro?
  • Does your brand deliver an executive-class impression?

What Agents Are Saying:

Over 1,000 top producing Agents & Brokers across North America are using LUXVT.

Professional References in your area available upon request.

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"I am very pleased with LUXVT... I recently met with a new seller and I can tell you for certain that LUXVT was a huge part of me getting the listing. I definitely would recommend them to agents working in high end properties."

Debbie Cheney

"Your product gives such a great impression to the seller that our brokerage has innovative ideas and exposure to the world. I would recommend LUXVT to anyone wanting a quality marketing component that brands them as an expert."

Melissa Hatfield & Doug James

"In the first week we got over 265 hits (3 days!) through The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal and other prestige ads. The staff at LUXVT is extremely helpful, they were knowledgeable, friendly and very prompt. So excited to be associated with a company that is efficient and professional!"

Christine Flanigan